CoD4 AK47 Guide

CoD4 AK47 Guide

AK47 Guide

Introduction –

The AK-47 is one of the most deadly weapons in Call of Duty 4. It deals out a huge amount of damage and maintains a nice rate of fire. However its not all cakes and pies with the AK. Its also one of the hardest weapons i 38 super ammo for sale he game to use. The gun has some serious kick back when fired full-auto. If you are going to be effective with this gun your going to need a solid understanding of how it works.

Attachments –

This is one of the few weapons I don’t use any attachments on. You can make a good argument for using one but the gun is commonly used with no attachments by good players.

The Grenade Launcher is a good weapon for beginners, until they unlock a good perk for slot one. The down sides to this weapon are slow rate of fire, low ammo, and it takes the place of your first perk.

The silencer can be a good attachment for an aggressive player trying to cover his tracks. The AK already has enough ranged problems to begin with so take that into consideration when using this attachment.

Red Dot Sight is not necessary. The standard AK sight has good visibility. If you are already used to having the red dot on every other gun, using it on the AK might make you feel more at home.

The ACOG Scope is still crap, like always. This gun isn’t meant for long range, an annoying scope that takes up your whole monitor wont change that.

Perks –

There’s only two reasonable perk choices for the AK-47 in slot one.

First is bandolier, this perk works great for the AK. Since its one of the best wall spamming guns in the game you will need lots of ammo to poke around.

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